About PUGM

(Malaysian Surveying and Geospatial Association)

Persatuan Ukur dan Geospatial Malaysia (Malaysian Surveyors), PUGM, is an association that has been registered with Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia (The Registry of Societies of Malaysia) on 10th January 2012, registration number, 0088-12-KEL.

PUGM is a group development network for anyone that related to surveying and geospatials industries here in Malaysia, e.g land survey related persons, land surveyors, drafters, GIS related persons, Remote Sensing related persons, project managers, chainman or even the Licensed Land Surveyors,  including the students from our local Universities and Polytechnics. 

We've started from a small group, communicating with each other through a Facebook Group called SURVEYOR MALAYSIA, until now as one of the association that related to surveying and geospatials in Malaysia.


Our mission is to bring all land surveyors and geospatials professional together on the same platform to discuss surveying industry related topics, share skills, advice and swap stories. Join us today and help preserve surveying history for future generations.

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